Hi! I'm Amy. I'm a mum of twin boys (now 4 years old) and we live in Leicestershire with my husband.  

I started sewing my own clothes after sewing for my home for a while and quickly realised which one I prefer!

My mum and nan sewed and I really should have paid more attention to them when I was younger, but sewing didn't really click with me until after I had my children. Then I needed to fill my 'me-time' evenings with something productive, interesting and fun! So I got out my sewing machine and made some curtains.

My love of reading blogs meant that I was soon making clothes and eventually I decided to start a blog too. After all, I like a good nose around other people's wardrobes and therefore presumed you would too!! 

I like cooking, baking, gin, wine and reading! I'm also trying, very unsuccessfully, to learn to knit (again!). 

Thanks for stopping by:)

Happy sewing xx

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